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Castanares , Mhary Allyzon Chyll

“Bakas ng Kasaysayan”


Filipinos have suffered under tyrannous rules in the course of history, from colonizers of different nationalities, to dictators born in our own motherland. We have been oppressed far too many times, but we never lost hope in regaining our freedom. These events seem to repeat themselves, as if we hadn’t learned from the past.

Trying to come up with a concept for this piece, I couldn’t help but think of the cliché “History repeats itself”, because it’s true and it is happening right now. Our ancestors fought these oppressors and won, so why can’t we? I used the idea of an hour glass to represent the cliché phrase, that is to show how these people with ill-intentions won’t rule forever, the people won’t always live under their hands.

Macy Castañares is a Freshman from the UP CFA Department of Studio Arts, whose previous artworks reminisces on the joys of childhood, and the struggles of anxiety, with ink and graphite as her favored medium. Being a freshman, as they get to explore on different materials, she often finds herself more delighted in creating sculptures.

The artist lives in Cavite, and continues to find her artistic voice.