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Curitana, Leahrly

“The Clash”



“The Clash” is a reminiscence of the triumph and freedom our home country achieved against the oppressing hands of Spain, featuring the fierce clash between Lapulapu and Ferdinand Magellan. I thought that this historical scene from the Battle of Mactan would best represent not only our country’s victory but also its future that lies ahead of it. Lapulapu, who represents himself and the entire countrymen in hopes that for the next battles our nation will have to face, we soar as high as the Eagle. As we reflect on our battles in the past, we, by now, should be ready to surpass and win the new ones.

Leahrly Curitana grew up in the province of Aurora and currently based in Metro Manila. She studies painting in the University of the Philippines Diliman, College of Fine Arts. She participated in a few class exhibitions and had some of her works featured online (LEARN, LOVE, LIVE Virtual Art Exhibit 2021). She encompasses paintings, sculpture/installations, and an array of works on paper such as drawings, watercolor paintings, collages, etc. Through art, she tries to bring the importance of spirituality, mythology, and most especially history to light, believing that it is essential to raise these kinds of discourse in the everyday life, whether through art or something else. Figuring out to be better at her crafts , she is aware that she still needs to learn from her instructors and so far, she is happily growing as a person while exploring her art style in such ways she hasn’t imagined