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de Guzman, Daniel

“The Clash”



“The Clash” is a reminiscence of the triumph and freedom our home country achieved against the oppressing hands of Spain, featuring the fierce clash between Lapulapu and Ferdinand Magellan. I thought that this historical scene from the Battle of Mactan would best represent not only our country’s victory but also its future that lies ahead of it. Lapulapu, who represents himself and the entire countrymen in hopes that for the next battles our nation will have to face, we soar as high as the Eagle. As we reflect on our battles in the past, we, by now, should be ready to surpass and win the new ones.

Daniel D. De Guzman is an artist from Marikina City, he started making artwork inspired by anime series and movies that he watched, at a young age, He believes that watching anime and drawing them is the reason how he discovers that he wants to be an Artist. During his Junior High School days, Daniel explores more and try different mediums with this Art style.


During his Senior High School days he finally started to step out of his comfort zone and study realism, and Daniel discovered his love for painting using acrylic paint and watercolor. After graduated, He wanted to go deeper into the world of art and made his biggest challenge to study Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines.


He believes that God is the reason why he passes the exam and that God is faithful to his promises. In the year 2020 he started to make his artist name “Serpent” and started to market his artworks online with the name Serpent’s Artwork.


Daniel was inspired by Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the world-famous anime “One piece” to make artwork with symbolism and hidden meaning. He loves the way how viewers take time to understand the Artist’s message from an Artwork.