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De Mesa, Axl Rose


Plaster of Paris
2 tiles 12 X 12 inches

Looking at my work I put you inside a moment to experience the drama, the power, the confusion, the fear and the tension between two persons. In the left tiles you will see the man protecting and barricading the big Perlas, representing the people in the Diliman Commune. Also, why is it topless? Topless represents his genuine heart for the country. While the man on the right represents unknown and bloody intentions.

Life is fragile but beautiful. I have been drawn to the idea of interference when I watched the whole story of the Diliman Commune, small but I deeply understand it.

These pieces and lines communicate the tension between the delicate future of the people. If we continue allowing others to interfere, that only want is the bad intention that leads people to suffer. I used the minimal yet powerful, simple but never basic.