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Dela Cruz, Sydney Alain

“Harapin ang Kinabukasan”


“Harapin ang Kinabukasan” represents the ideals that I think that will help the Filipino society improve the status quo and realize the need of everyone’s participation to rise against the oppression of the people of authority. Perhaps we are doomed right from the start that we attempted to change. But, it won’t be an excuse that we must succumb to this hardships and let the powerful reign at the top. With the use of watercolour and my skills, I will impart this message : “Hanggat walang tumatayo at handa sa pagbabago, patuloy ang paghihirap na ating mararanasan.”

Expressing his ideals, Sydney Allain Mangulabnan is a freshman from the College of Fine Arts – Department of Visual Communication of University of the Philippines Diliman. His works are mostly fictional and uses pencils and pens for his artworks. He is an amateur to crafting, sculpting, drawing and prop-making.

As a beginner to painting, without much experience to it, he takes up his brush to impart a message of encouragement for the Filipinos to rise and help to fight the stigma of the government. Using watercolour or poster paint, he tries his best to present himself. In his artworks, he always shows and believes that everything is connected and nothing is illogical.