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Strength is an image inspired by the events of the Diliman Commune. Very self explanatory as the collective action exhibited at the Diliman Commune was very __ of strength in numbers. The blood splatter in front was my way of commemorating the first martyr of UP Diliman, and how everyone was watching when it happened. How that one moment was able to spur everyone into action and made they understand fully the dire situation they were in. The people drawn in the image are supposed to resemble dolls as I didn’t want them to represent anyone specific. This is my way of bridging that past event to our situation now. It happened before and it can always happen any time now, hence no solid representation as that could be us, our parents, or our children. Especially now in the digital age, there is no specific ‘time’ or ‘place’ for collective action. It could simply be now.

Tamiya is a Junior at the College of Fine Arts UP Diliman. She excels in digital painting and enjoys making portraits of people. As a Studio Arts (Painting) student, Tamiya tries to combine the painterly style with digital techniques and tools as seen in her art. At age 15 she exhibited in Museo Orlina where she displayed digital portraits printed on canvas. In 2014 she won 3rd place in the on the spot painting competition PEACE OF ART, getting 1st place the next year in the same contest. That same year she won 3rd place at a group mural painting contest. Now a college student, Tamiya hopes to delve back to the basics of painting to further her artistic process of combining traditional art techniques with new digital techniques.