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Delgado, Gabrielle Rey

“Hawak Ang Liwanag”


The Diliman Commune was a catalyst for positive social reform in a system that so vehemently rejected change.  The bravery and passion exuded by our fellow countrymen.  During this time prevails with even more importance 50 years later.  In reminiscence and celebration of this historical event, we are called to take a stand  against the evils that threaten to corrupt our country in the same manner as those who came before us.  My piece entitled, Hawak Ang Liwanag, explores the relevance of our present-day action as we hold onto remnants of hope towards a brighter future , and eventually become beacons of it. With the dawn of a new age, we deal the hand that dictates  our nation’s future .  We must continue the collective fight that was fought in 1971, and even decades before that; that is , the fight for a better tomorrow.  Alongside every Filipino–may it be from the past, present, or the future– it is time for us to bring our own chair to the barricade.