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Demetillo, Dexter


Digital collage

We were promised so many things, both then and now. Peace and prosperity was the hope given to us. Now look at us, stuck in the same place we were. These people we look up to and put our hope and trust in to lead us, all they ever do is lie.

Dre started drawing as a child, often losing himself in his sketchbooks. He went on to paint digitally in 2019 after receiving his first Wacom tablet. In his final years of high school, he began experimenting with watercolour. Consequently, he fell in love with the medium and has defined himself as both a watercolour & digital artist ever since.


Dre is currently taking up his Fine Arts Degree in the University of the Philippines Diliman. He intends to continue his current projects and pursuits, hoping to one day have his own studio and become an illustrator and animator.