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Dimalanta, Lourdes

“How To Seek Peace”

Digital collage

50 years ago, the police forcibly entered the University of the Philippines campus that students had to put up barricades to prevent trespassers from accessing the University. What started as a peaceful solidarity with jeepney drivers who were on strike against oil price hike soon turned into a violent protest caused by the military’s interference. This attempt to pacify the students only generated greater injury. So how else should we make peace if deemed peacemakers spark wars? How can peace persist when those who should embody peace cause disorder?

Lourdes Dimalanta is an art major studying in the College of Fine Arts in UP Diliman. Lourdes, or Des, has been fond of making art even at a young age and participated and won in different art and design competitions. This led her to pursue art in her college years at UPCFA. She is currently in her third year major in Painting.