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Exconde, Vanessa Mae S.

“United by Freedom”


As a student who openly understands the history of the 50th year anniversary of UP Diliman Commune, this has given the opportunity to be more aware how and why freedom of speech is important. This will always be a reminder of how powerful it is when people are united, no matter what faith and race, towards the right that we are fighting for. UP has become a stand to all those whose voice cannot be heard, it took every voice as a stepping stone for it to symbolize freedom. History may repeat itself but society can always make the difference for what we believe is righteous.


An 18 year old freshman of Visual Communication course of UP Diliman, Vanessa Mae Exconde is skilled and knowledgeable with the techniques of realism and impressionism. Her artworks are mostly portraits that are influenced by modern aesthetics and currently admire the smooth and elegant painting style of Rococo. She took an interest in fiction coming to reality through art and was exposed in different media in the field of arts and design track in senior high school at CIIT Arts and Technology. Vanessa is more exposed to traditional media because, for her, control is more manageable on paper than a screen. However, she is mostly motivated by the artists in social media which uses digital media, and plans to get more familiar and comfortable on digital as well. She has experience for competitions in school since she was Grade 8. The most remarkable for her was being one of the participants in the Art in Island Painting Competition in 2019. Vanessa usually thinks of herself as a flexible and a learning artist as she has not found her own style in making art yet, she is excited and passionate about learning all about her course and her professors upcoming projects including topics about history and the society. While not every plate assigned is enjoyable and sometimes frustrating. What’s important for her is that she is learning with all the courage and passion that she could give.