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Gamad, Adele Reese G.

“Uniporme sa Dilim”

Acrylic on Canvas Panel

“Uniporme sa Dilim” focuses on the rampant police brutality evident in both the Marcos and Duterte regime. While thinking of a concept, I wanted to find a common problem that both regimes had and although there was a lot, I decided to focus on the main problem, which was police brutality. Overtime the police have slowly become a symbol of fear, rather than safety. Anyone who wears this blue uniform is automatically protected by the regime and is free to kill anyone who oppose them.

In the painting, I decided to make it seem like the viewer is the light source and the police and Duterte-Marcos snake is coming from the darkness while the police points the gun at the viewer, to show that anyone can be a victim of this fascist regime. As I was painting, I realized that it would be much better if I emphasized the police uniform and made the rest of the painting slightly less detailed.

Adele is a freshman taking up Visual Communication in the College of Fine Arts in UP Diliman. Her works are most often portraits of people that look like they are at their wits end, many of her portraits often have distorted pupils or none at all.

She grew up in a household full of UP CFA graduates, meaning she was surrounded by artworks and creating art had become an regular routine
An advocate for women and children’s rights, mental health, and victims of state fascism, she uses her small platform to spread awareness regarding these issues.