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Genito, Margaux


Digital Painting

“Recall” portrays a modern-day College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Building, otherwise known as Palma Hall, and a distorted, monochromatic image of the barricade of chairs from the Diliman Commune in the foreground.

Some people today like to undermine students protesting as “students just complaining” without fully understanding how protesting was and is still effective in making major changes in our society. My work is meant to discern the differences of our time now compared to 50 years ago. The barricades’ symbolism, despite being an object of the past, is significant for they represent the events that led to the freedom and privileges we have today that could still be taken away from us by the oppressive government.

Margaux Genito is a traditional painter and multimedia artist. Her control over color has been honed from years of practice and attending workshops from an early age. A variety of emotions and atmosphere are depicted in her works through her adept use of color and composition. The scope of her works vary from realistic figures to fantastical landscapes. Her focus on the beauty of textures and details aids her in capturing aesthetically pleasing scenes of realism.

She prefers oil painting to digital art for she has spent more years practicing traditional mediums. Although she has recently started exploring digital art, her acquired learnings from years of practicing traditional art are implemented in her digital works. She has attended workshops under Fernando Sena and various professors in the College of Fine Arts, where she is currently a third year in the Studio Arts Department.