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Jacinto, Leo Kim

“Hope In Chaos”

Digital Art (Krita)


The art I made inspired by one of my favorite flower almond blossoms. It symbolizes hope and strength that for me fits in the message I want to convey. To fight with hope and strength is the main thing I want to say and hand gesture is the one I think will define that strongly. The miserable history we had will never beat our dedication to fighting for what is right.

Leo Kim Jacinto is a 2nd-year student at UP Diliman college of fine arts major in visual communication. He gets interested in art when he starts competing in poster-making contests since he was a kid. He uses watercolor and charcoal for his art but recently dives into the world of digital painting. He loves drawing portraits and fan art. He doesn’t have a consistent style at the moment. He is still exploring what he really likes.