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Kim, Siyoung


Acrylic paint

In order to represent the conjunction of two important historical events, I decided to focus on the values significant on those two events which is unity or pagkakabuklod-buklod using different acrylic mediums to paint the artwork. The three individuals show how one will hold each other and with the third individual reaching out to join the cause. The red chairs represent the event involving the Diliman commune where students show courage and some even sacrificed their lives. The red chairs forming a mountain and a platform for the individuals acts as the stronghold – the past as the foundation and model for the present.

The background which consists of the Philippine Flag and with four hands holding in each other shows patriotism as the heart of the cause starting from the fight against the Spanish Colonization and even to this very present times in its fight against the abuse of power.

Siyoung Kim is a first year student at University of the Philippines. She studies under Visual Communication in College of Fine Arts. She has only recently started studying arts after transferring from another university.