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Madamba, Kristina Marie S.

“Bangon, Tindig, Hiyaw”

Clip Studio Paint using wacom

To try something new, I began exploring digital art. It led to the creation of my first digital drawing entitled “Bangon, Tindig, Hiyaw”. Relevant to this time, this artwork conveys freedom of expression and voicing our opinions despite the factors that hinders us- in this case, the government. I believe that it is essential to fight for our beliefs and let our insights be recognized. With that, I hope that this artwork would creatine impact upon encouraging everyone to wake UP, stand UP, and speak UP”.

“As an aspiring industrial designer, I am fond of the revolution of product design. I am fascinated with how product designers delineate their projects: this drove me to continue sketching traditional detailed realistic art. I am self- taught: I believe that I still have a lot to learn. With that, I am to expand my horizons by learning different mediums.