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Maguddayao, Charlene



Digital Painting


Charlene Maguddayao’s piece, “Self-Portrait (2021)”, is a digital paint ing that captures her response to the recurring themes and patterns in Phil ippine history. Having taken inspiration from normal/everyday self-portraits, Charlene places herself in the narrative of the past through her experiences in the present by incorporating elements that symbolize three historical events—the Spanish Colonial Period, the Diliman Commune, and the CoVid-19 Pandemic. She wishes to convey the idea of experiencing history firsthand by combining both historical and contemporary elements in her work. The background, which illustrates a burning atmosphere, serves as a juxtaposition to the monochromatic subject who is sitting on an armchair commonly found inside classrooms. Her stiff and uncomfortable position on the seat, convey feelings of helplessness and fear. This reflects Charlene’s perspective on the country’s current events that had been exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic.

Charlene Maguddayao is a 19 year old AA Visual Communication stu dent at UP Diliman. Her works consist of various media, ranging from tradi tional gouache paintings to graphic design and illustration. She is currently working towards becoming a professional graphic designer and illustrator. Throughout her years senior high school, Charlene developed her love and interest for the humanities and social sciences. Hence, her artworks tend to gravitate towards the sociocultural and political realities in the country as she aims to convey her opinions and emotions through her pieces.