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Melo, Charles Vincent


acrylic paint on 12 x 16 canvas panel

Social issues come in a multitude of forms. Throughout Filipino history, protests and activism have been common. Our ancestors ended up starting social movements due to social injustices and oppression prevailing. Up to the present moment, these problems are still persistent and keep on ravaging our country. It is important to note that with every social issue circulating, there will always be power and supremacy involved from the country leaders. Those in power may try to ignore us, but we would not stop until we achieve the change we are vying for.

“Pakikibaka” is a work of art that showcases how powerful protest is. Many people underestimate the power of protest. They often perceive it as just a “noise”. Little do they know, protest has shaped societies in tremendous ways. Public demonstrations and protests empower people by showing them that there are thousands of people who think the same things – clamoring for change and betterment in our nation.

Born in 2001, Charles Vincent Melo is a traditional artist residing in Quezon Province. Throughout his life, Charles has always been fascinated by art and different mediums. The interest was cultivated and further developed when he studied Arts and Design track in senior high school—

having this experience broaden his horizon and perspective in the arts.

Currently, he is now in his first year of college, taking Associate in Arts majoring in Visual Communication, at the University of the Philippines Diliman. At his young age, he was able to work with different clients and started to gain profit with his works of art. Focusing on semirealistic
style, he uses a variety of mediums, including graphite pencil, colored pencil, and acrylics.