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Mendoza, Marda Rosario

“Buong Bayan”​

Video / pinutol ko nalang po to 46s po cos 2 mins ung video.

By the blood and color embedded in our minds and thoughts. It has engraved in our heart that we must never forget our past. This may become a way to recalibrate all the actions and never to stop fighting. The Diliman commune didn’t happen just overnight. This protest resulted from the worsening neocolonial conditions, the anti-communist mania manhunt, and Marcos’s quest for power were all pitted against each other. This will become the catalyst so that we may collectively fight against the pitfall and remnants of the past. Both historical events give people the idea of “maghimagsik ay makatarungan” because the past problems remain prevalent issues of the present. Works written by Rizal remain relevant , which becomes the youth’s duty to push for change until results from the Spanish colonization era become irrelevant for the country’s present scenario.

The assorted chairs represent diverse Filipinos from all over the country. Hoping that when tyranny becomes law, we will all together take a stand to defend ourselves and the oppressed just like how our UP students fought all throughout while barricading the campus with the university’s chairs etc. The “Buong Bayan”was inspired by the vandalisms made in UP’s building’s serving as a powerful reminder that we as a nation should always protect our rights in this country.

The Diliman commune may be known as the spirit of the Filipino people to fight against oppression. This spirit is evidenced in our current democracy despite being under Spanish rule over 300 years. This name democracy threatened again today by a government willing to sacrifice people’s rights to forward their out-of-touch war on drugs. Now more than ever, we need to awaken that spirit from each and every Filipino.

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