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Miraflor, Maria Evita



My work explores a different dimension that represents the behavior of men in power embodied by a crow.

As someone who never thought she would experience pandemic in her course of life, I am deeply horrified by the events that are happening around the globe. But living in a third world country has made it more difficult to thrive and be sane. Certainly, the realization hit us that we are being held against our rights, being imprisoned in our own homes, and being robbed of the lawful freedom that we are entitled to. Similar to what we’ve experienced in the past, we continue fighting for what is ours.

Eventually, when these powerful men have nothing left to milk out from, the horrifying reality will put them to self-destruction.

Evita is a multimedia arts graduate and currently pursuing her undergraduate degree majoring in Industrial Design in the UP College of Fine Arts. She is currently active and immersing herself in her material exploration.

Her fascination in surrealism and dreamy characters manifest in her works of art. An artist who is dreaming awake with the deafening silence sitting beside her.