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Olmedo, Justine

“Babalik Kami. Mas Madami.”

Sumi and acrylic ink on paper

“Babalik kami. Mas madami.” This is the chant that we hear in protests and rallies, and it actually roots back to the first quarter storm. After the UP community fought back against police brutality, they quickly joined together to build high barricades and improvise explosives. Behind the sea of fire and chairs lie the shadows of these fighters, including figures who emerged triumphant from the Battle of Mactan. To this day, we await for a spark that will give rise to a new battle; for now, we reflect on these historical battles and hope that by the time our next revolution comes, we all have reached a consensus on what our future should be.

Justine Olmedo (Philippines) is a painter and illustrator. She is currently a painting major student in the University of the Philippines Diliman, College of Fine Arts. She participated in a few class exhibitions and had paintings featured in Art in the Park Online (2021).