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Pagaran Jr., Antonio M.

"Tinitingala sa Galit"

Oil on canvas
2×3 ft

Antonio “Pags” Pagaran Jr. painted the “Tinitingala sa Galit” to show the reaction of every Filipino to the crooked system led by fascist leaders. The current administration has inflicted various pains on our Filipino people, widespread massacres, blatant irresponsibility in response to the pandemic and its use of power to abuse the rights of every Filipino. Using Oil Paint and 2ft x 3ft canvas Antonio “Pags” Pagaran Jr. tried to show the reaction of every filipino to the crooked system in the Philippines, in which the poor people continue to suffer and be oppressed

Antonio M. Pagaran, Jr. is an 18 year old visual artist living in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines and currently studying Fine Arts major in Visual Communication at the University of the Philippines. Antonio Pagaran, Jr. is also known by the nickname “Pags” in the field of art. His forte is Realistic Charcoal Portraits that shows each person faces their own battles in their lives.