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Purificacion, Merri Lynn

“Wag mong hipan”

Watercolor and gouache
9’x13 inches

This is my response in celebration of the Diliman Commune.

With this piece I want to say: don’t forget, protect.

Too many of us the Diliman Commune seems like a flickering memory, small and weak , close to getting snuffed out and I think it is only right that if that were true, that memory

should be protected, remembered, cherished, and learned from
and we should come together and do so, especially with the state of our country today.

As a UP student, a citizen of this country, the legacy of the Diliman Commune stands as an inspiration and reminder to everyone of what we could achieve in times of strife.

Merri Lynn “Melyn” Purificacion is a student at UP Diliman taking AA in Visual Communication. She works primarily in gouache, watercolor and digital media to create illustrations. Inspired by Japanese media (anime and manga), she is working to develop her skills to work in the animation or comic books industry