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Reyes, Asaliah Reiiel

The Arrival of the Colonizers”


The Arrival of the Colonizers; a Prologue to the Neoliberal Imperialist World

The Philippines is one of many countries that have fallen victim to colonization by the imperialist superpowers of the world. Starting with the 333 years of the Spanish rule, then being bought for $20 million by the U.S.A., to being seized & oppressed by the Japanese, and then being fully colonized by the United States until we were granted full independence in 1946. However, we continue to be in the colonial grasp of the U.S. on a more capitalist sense, instead of a feudalistic warfare sense. Moreover, China (a growing worldwide superpower) is now invading our seas, and slowly seizing our land.

Although we may continue to be silenced, oppressed, and stepped on (and left to fend for ourselves I might add!); we must remember that there is strength in numbers.

We must not be lost in division, but find common ground in order to illuminate each other to the truth of our unified struggle: to dismantle the system that keeps the ones above us in power and claim our rightful freedom and humanity!

Reference painting:  The Arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseilles, by Peter Paul Rubens, c.1622-1625


ASALIAH or formally known as Asaliah Reiil Reyes, is a 20 year old Filipino artist currently  finishing his degree in Painting in the College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines – Diliman.

As a budding visual artist, he enjoys using almost every medium such as (but not limited to ) oil acrylic, watercolor, soft pastel, and ink. He also doesn’t shy away from other art forms.

Most of his personal works are creative expressions that allude to a combination of his philosophical musings, personal experiences and intense emotions.  He also enjoys referencing the art of Haute Couture in his art, as fashion is the passion he wants to pursue as a career. So he is eager to discover and experiment ways he can combine his talent and skill for Painting and his love for the extravagance and sublime art of fashion