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Rocuyan, Alyanna

“The Cry for Filipino Freedom”

Plaster of Paris

My piece, The Cry for Filipino Freedom, showcases the never-ending fight and longingness of the Filipino people for freedom and peace. In the face of adversaries and oppression, may we not be silenced by foreign influences and our own privileges.
In correspondence to Tugon 2021’s theme, my piece was inspired by one of the most notable act of defiance against the tyrannical Spanish Empire 一 the Cry of Pugad Lawin. The act of tearing their cedulas was a loud expression of dissent and a clear indication of their yearning for change. Another event that I drew inspiration from was the Diliman Commune. I am fascinated by how the UP Diliman community was, and still is, vocal about their criticism and protest against societal issues they believe need to be corrected. Applying it to today’s context, our freedom, individuality, and rights are challenged yet again by a fascist and despotic administration that aims to silence Filipinos who refuse to blindly abide by them with the Anti-Terrorism Law. I merged these two events together and came up with a concept depicting an image of a paper, representing the cedula and Anti-Terrorism Law, being torn as a means of breaking free from state oppression

Alyanna Rocuyan is a freshman studying Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Painting at the University of the Philippines – Diliman. Being mostly self-taught and relatively new to art, she is yet to establish a definite style. However, this allows her to be more versatile and experimental with her works. She is committed to making meaningful art, keeping in mind that her goal is to tell a story through visual experience. Her artworks often feature portraits, figures, and themes that commonly tackle important, relevant, and relatable societal issues.