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Rosales, Kaitlin Renee

“Fight for Flight”

Medium: Plaster

In the diptych tiles I created, I wanted to portray how the authorities of our country are trying to curtail our academic freedom and how it shows similarities to when the Spanish were taking over. The first tile depicts a bird soaring with a red ribbon, and the second tile depicts a hand that grabbed the bird. The bird represents the freedom that the Filipino people long for. In the second tile, the bird fighting the hand is a representation of how the Filipino people are fighting for their rights; fighting for their freedom.

First year student of AA Studio Arts, Kaitlin Rosales, was always active in the arts at a very young age. She was exposed to the world of television and movies by her mother which heavily influenced her art today. Because of this impact, this led to Kaitlin taking up classes in special effects makeup to learn the making of prosthetics. She also took up a summer course at SCAD, Savannah College of Arts and Design, where she explored more about Illustration and received a partial scholarship. In the future, Kaitlin hopes to intertwine her love for special effects makeup with her painting to create projects that showcase who she is.