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Sotolombo, Sophia

“500 Years Later”

Medium: New media – digital collage

500 Years Later is a reference to the mercenary tradition of the AFP-PNP that persists up to this day, which can be rooted back to the Spanish colonial period. The artist connects how 500 years ago, colonizers were the ones in charge of the killings, and now, it is our very own countrymen, controlled by the invisible hand of the imperialists.

Collaging was deemed most appropriate by the artist, to represent and stitch together past and present realities, like that of the ship which represents Spanish rule, and the notorious photograph of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte holding a rifle

Sophia Sotolombo strongly believes art is an exploration, that is why she is still on a journey towards discovering her best interests as an artist. From traditional to digital media, she has found enjoyment in a range of art making processes but works best with acrylic and oil paint.
Currently, she is a third-year Painting Major in the College of Fine Arts at UP Diliman.