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Tapia, Keith


Acrylic and poster paint on canvas

Thematically reflecting on the two historic moments, I decided to paint a collision.  The collision of bodies, of past and present — the ‘versus’ that connects these past events and reflects the current.

I use a mixture of acrylic pouring techniques and abstraction to portray volatility, the disruption of flow present in the waves.  In the chaos, it is unclear which will prevail;  after all, both the boat and the chairs that encumber it are made of wood — just as all people are merely people.  Yet it is always in the collision, the kinetic meeting of the similar, that things are transformed anew.

Starting his undergraduate studies in the field of Architecture for three years before shifting into the Arts, Keith Tapia has strong design principles and technical training that led him to be a multi-creative. He is now studying in his first year under Visual Communication. He also practices photography and design which mix into his painting process. He says that he intends for each of his pieces to serve as a journey of finding beauty in a mess, dynamic and exploratory.