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Tiongson, Andree

“Laging Handang Ipaglaban Ka”

Medium: oil

Even through social distancing and online classes, the isko and iskas will always fight for academic freedom even under the threat of the government to defund UP, red-tagging of students and faculty members, and even the attempt to terminate the UP-DND accord – the spirit of the Diliman Commune lives on even after 50 years. There may not be a physical barricade or mobs and rallies like in the days before covid, but it is clear that the call for academic freedom lives through the power of the internet and social media. Although the students and teachers feel physically detached from the university, the spirit of courage and determination of the UP community is very much alive and can be seen on screen; these are symbolized by the two ghostly images of school chairs in front of a white rectangular shape meant to viewed as a representation of a computer device. The black squares are the oppressive nature of the government towards the UP community thus bearing the image of barbed wires.

Taking inspiration from intimate everyday scenes, Andree depicts a slice of life in each of her paintings. The artist’s main interest lies in social issues and mental health which are portrayed in her works in a subtle manner. Frequent subjects in her works are still life and portraits, revealing the artist’s personal view of her surroundings by experimenting with color and forms. The artist’s mastered medium is acrylics but she often dabbles with oil paints as well.