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Tomas, Gabrielle

“Ang Akyat”

Gouache and Acrylic

50 years after the Diliman Commune, fighting for our rights is still as relevant as ever. In a time of uncertainty, fear, and corruption, it is up to us to stand up and keep on fighting for our rights and go against a system that constantly rejects the idea of change. There is a constant struggle to maintain our freedom and there are times when fatigue gets the better of us. Sometimes doubt our actions, wondering if they have an impact on current events. These feelings manifest especially when we can’t see the end result of our hard work. I wanted my piece Ang Akyat to convey these feelings while showing that the fight isn’t over yet. Like our fellow countrymen who actively fought for their rights in the Diliman Commune, we must also make a stand against the injustices we face in the modern day and keep on going.

Still in the process of finding her style and preferred medium, Gabrielle M. Tomas is constantly trying out different ways of expressing herself as an artist.  When she was young, her parents encouraged her to appreciate Eastern animation. Mainly Hayao Miyazaki and Rumiko Takahashi’s work.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she’s not sure what to expect but still wishes to learn and improve her grasp on drawing techniques and three-dimensional illustration. She also wants to be able to utilize all the materials and learn different methods in bringing a piece to life.