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Bongabong, Mycah


Acrylic on Board
13 x 12 inches

This artwork commemorates notable encounters, namely the 50th year of the Diliman Commune, the fifth centenary of the triumph at the Battle of Mactan, and the Christianization of the Philippines. This artwork depicts the ongoing fight for integration and represents the bravery of every Filipino in recent years. It is important to commemorate this achievement because it should not be and will never forget. There is power formed in retelling and the use of art. I think that’s a good weapon to get to the people what ‘encounter’ we’re commemorating this year. It is the encounter that is necessary to hear and talk about it again regardless of the date and time.  

This festival has flourished into a platform for empowering student-artist scholars to develop new means of expressing artistic creativity in today’s world. In light of these significant occurrences, we should understand how these experiences are fathomless ponds for dialogues, future studies, and depositions about the Filipino people’s history, arts, and identity.

I’ve always had a natural artistic talent and have pursued my creative passion since I was a child. I am a self-taught artist who has explored desire through various materials and mediums in my decades-long practice.

My art is a perfect representation of collective memory, visually conveying a diverse spectrum of culture and literary works. Paintings, installations, and works on paper such as sketches, watercolors, collages, and altered images are all part of my practice. By fusing art and literature, painting and sculpture, I bring to light the importance of the primitive classics of life, death, and nature by combining and replenishing imagery and techniques. Also, I express myself through stylized inspiring portraits and psychedelic visuals and conveying the transformative power of the art that raises our spirits. I use paint, charcoal, and digital art to portray elements of reality and surrealism. My art comprises rhythmic compositions that evoke the feeling of sentimentality while also capturing the essence of surprise. My appreciation for nature grew tremendously. I’ve always been impressed by photographs and how the world is perceived through the eyes of many. Naturally, I was fascinated by photography as well. My curiosity was fueled during my childhood and has grown even better now that I am a first-year student at UP Diliman pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.