Aypa, Gillian

https://tugon.project-upd.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Aypa.mp4 “Barikada Singkwenta” Acrylic paint on acetate sheets on face shield 2021 Sa pagsalubong ng ika-limampung pagdiriwang ng Diliman Commune ngayong taon ay kasabay naman ng paglusaw ng Administrasyong Duterte sa UP-DND Accord, sa halip na pagtuonan ng pansin ang lumalalang kaso ng COVID-19 pandemic at ang ligtas na pagbabalik-eskuwela ng mga mag-aaral. Lumipas na… Read More »Aypa, Gillian

Avila, Tia

“Antibody” Acrylic on mixed media paper 2021 Antibodies are that which are known to help the body defend itself from alien substances such as viruses and bacteria. In my perspective, our history has built a form of antibody that is ever evolving and adapting to today’s challenges. In the 16th century when Spanish colonization took… Read More »Avila, Tia

Argana, Armheecel

“kor·ta·dú·ra” Medium: Mixed media 2021 “Kortadura” alludes to an unresolved lesson from the past. It shows what it is to engage in an eventual wicked problem by emphasizing the historical significance rooted in the current challenges in the lives of Filipinos. It reflects the trauma inflicted by the invaders, the remorseless erasure of our culture,… Read More »Argana, Armheecel

Ardivilla, Jose

“Engkwentro (Encounter)” Three-color relief Print Image is 12” x 12” on 14” x 17” paper 2020 This is part of the works I  developed in the summer of 2020 in anticipation of 2021, which marks 500 years when the islands that will be known as the Philippines encountered European navigators. This is my interpretation of… Read More »Ardivilla, Jose

Ambag, Samuel

“Aklas” Digital Drawing 2021 This piece is a modern recreation of the painting Battle of Mactan by Manuel Panares. This is about how we, student activists multi-task for academic requirements and fighting for justice in our corrupted administration. I also recreated the Diliman commune and added online learning gadgets that indicate we can protest not… Read More »Ambag, Samuel

Alvarez, Terry Lexii B.

“Barikada” Ink on Paper (no dimensions submitted) March 31, 2021 As we celebrate UP Diliman Arts and Culture Festival 2021, I was deeply fascinated by one of the stories of the Diliman Commune, wherein a pro-Marcos professor in UP took part in this heart igniting fight using a shotgun which he always brings to the… Read More »Alvarez, Terry Lexii B.

Alberto, Luis

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“Flood of Great Din” “Flood of Great Din” Acrylic on canvas 18×24 in 2021 “Eclipse” ang ating salita para sa  pagtakip ng buwan o araw sa isa’t isa. Dahil sa agham, alam natin na ito ay penomenang nagaganap sa kalawakan. Karamihan pa nga sa atin ay pinagkukunan ang penomenang ito bilang aliw. Ngunit sa mga… Read More »Alberto, Luis