Salazar, Corinne Juliano

“Ang Alamat ng mga Unang Anghel” Size: 14 x 18 inches Medium: Watercolor and Acrylic on Paper Ang tula at biswal na aking nilikha ay para sa mga bata upang mamulat ang kanilang mga mata at kanilang mabigyang halaga na ang pagdating ni Magellan sa Pilipinas ay may basbas ng Poong Maykapal. Ito ang naging… Read More »Salazar, Corinne Juliano

Royales, Ding

“COLONY” Medium: plastic(various dimensions)2021 During my childhood, every time I discover that a colony of ant or bee has established or made a beehive on the wall or tree, I would poke it with a stick— maybe due to curiosity of what will happen or what is inside— I would get stung by the insects.… Read More »Royales, Ding

Rosales, Kaitlin Renee

“Fight for Flight” Medium: Plaster2021 In the diptych tiles I created, I wanted to portray how the authorities of our country are trying to curtail our academic freedom and how it shows similarities to when the Spanish were taking over. The first tile depicts a bird soaring with a red ribbon, and the second tile… Read More »Rosales, Kaitlin Renee

Rocuyan, Alyanna

“The Cry for Filipino Freedom” Plaster of Paris2021 My piece, The Cry for Filipino Freedom, showcases the never-ending fight and longingness of the Filipino people for freedom and peace. In the face of adversaries and oppression, may we not be silenced by foreign influences and our own privileges.In correspondence to Tugon 2021’s theme, my piece… Read More »Rocuyan, Alyanna

Reyes, Asaliah Reiiel

The Arrival of the Colonizers” Oil2020 The Arrival of the Colonizers; a Prologue to the Neoliberal Imperialist World The Philippines is one of many countries that have fallen victim to colonization by the imperialist superpowers of the world. Starting with the 333 years of the Spanish rule, then being bought for $20 million by the… Read More »Reyes, Asaliah Reiiel

Raval, Gabriel

“Babolgam” Watercolor and colored pencils on 15″x20″ watercolor paper2021 Our ability as students to demonstrate power over our oppressors through solidarity is one of the strongest foundations that we possess. The culmination of unrest among the youth drives us to stand ground and radically respond to injustice, maltreatment and incompetence through the student activism. It… Read More »Raval, Gabriel

Quizora, Marshalline Elis

“Maskara” Acrylic2020 It is the 21st century now but colorism is still a huge issue. Filipinos are using whitening/glutathione lotion, soap and even injectable this obsession goes back to more than 400 years. I can see some movement about this in all social media platforms. Actresses and actors are speaking up about this matter but… Read More »Quizora, Marshalline Elis

Purificacion, Merri Lynn

“Wag mong hipan” Watercolor and gouache9’x13 inches2021 This is my response in celebration of the Diliman Commune. With this piece I want to say: don’t forget, protect. Too many of us the Diliman Commune seems like a flickering memory, small and weak , close to getting snuffed out and I think it is only right… Read More »Purificacion, Merri Lynn

Pomarejos, Georgina

“REPLEKSYON” 9” x 12”Oil Paint on Canvas paper2021 The painting captures the supposed line of sight from the arrival of Magellan, a close “reflection” while doubling as a response in today’s possible time of need encouraging that we deduce on the current pandemic with a critical mindset in the same recognition we extend on these… Read More »Pomarejos, Georgina

Pojas, Emilio

“Sacred Heart” Acrylic2021 Reviewing the events of the Diliman Commune, one event impacted me much more than the others — when a professor of the university picked up his gun and intentionally opened fire on students, killing one. In my piece, ‘Sacred Heart,’ I intentionally chose to mimic elements from a famous image in Christian… Read More »Pojas, Emilio